The Problem With Bananas

Every week, every single person buys seven bananas with the intention of enjoying one banana every day for the next seven days. But buying bananas is a real commitment that not many realize. You must have patience and diligence to get through all the bananas when they are at maximum ripeness, or face the torture of eating an under ripe or over ripe banana at least half the time.

The main issue is that bananas are all the same when you buy them. (AKA green and disgusting.) In order not to eat a green banana that tastes like tree trunk, you usually have to wait at least three days to eat the first banana.

But this poses a new problem… You now have eaten one banana and have six ripe bananas. Not such a bad thing, it seems, but you now have less than four days to consume six bananas that were originally intended for the week. What’s worse is that all six bananas will be at optimum ripeness for just 48 hours.

So, you have three options.

With bananas you must either:

(A) face the green bananas and eat one banana per day as scheduled. Some will be unripe, some will be perfect, some will be overripe. The advantage here is that all bananas are consumed at the ideal interval (even if some personal discomfort is involved) and no banana is wasted.

(B) Wait three or four days, consume all the bananas in the next 48 hours and then have no bananas on the last day.

or (C) Wait until the bananas are ripe, consume one per day as planned, and accept the fact that only two will taste ripe, the next two will be bruised and disgusting, and the other three will be thrown away or frozen to “make banana bread” at a later date (in actuality these bananas will sit in the freezer for six weeks to a year and then be thrown out in secret late one evening to avoid embarrassment.) To its merit, this last option allows one to spare them self the horrors of consuming a green banana.

However, it is important to note that most will not buy bananas with this in mind, and since nobody wants to be seen at the till with fewer than seven bananas (as the intention of consuming seven bananas that week overpowers the logic that only four bananas can actually be consumed comfortably) some may even buy an entire bunch to avoid appearing unhealthy!

How many bananas do YOU buy every week. I guarantee it’s at least seven.



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One Response to The Problem With Bananas

  1. Melodu says:

    lol this is really random i never really thought about the problem with bannanas but yes i do agree with u

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