Apple releases Dvorak-Specific OS Fixes

While debating whether or not to update to the latest version of OS X (10.5.7) or wait to see if there are any headaches reported, I noticed on that the update includes fixes for Dvorak keyboard users specifically! (Article here: – Mac OS X 10.5.7 Fixes)

Although I’m not sure I’ll notice a difference after installing the update (it could be something insignificant) this is great news for DV users as it means that the layout is finally being considered a legitimate alternative by the folks at Apple! Hopefully such focus is the first step of many, and I’ll be able to get DV on my iPhone soon, and order my next mac with a built-in DV keyboard!




One Response to Apple releases Dvorak-Specific OS Fixes

  1. melody says:

    whats a DV

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