Calgary’s $25M Calatrava Bridge Unveiled

The design for Calgary’s $25M pedestrian bridge designed by starchitect Santiago Calatrava has been unveiled and it looks great! Truly a feat of engineering, it will be made almost entirely of steel, have no supports in the water OR above, and does not elevate from the pedestrian level on either side, which means it is truly accessible.

Additionally, I love the red/white color which makes it distinctly Canadian and must mention that the best part is that I should be able to see it out of my bedroom window! 🙂

To the skeptics, aren’t you glad we have this $25M work of art than another $30M overpass? I know I sure am.

Here are some more pictures (Copyright Santiago Calatrava)

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One Response to Calgary’s $25M Calatrava Bridge Unveiled

  1. Franki V says:

    Fantastic look! It appears to be a speeding bullet train over the river. A Calatrava for Calgary is super-CAL-atrava-listic-exscribitionally-fabulosus. Easy for me to say,eh?

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