UofC Library Files Bible Under “BS”

Most people have had the frustrating experience of searching for a library book and being confused by the convoluted filing system. After all, with so many letters and numbers that have nothing to do with the content, how does one find what they are looking for? Luckily, The University of Calgary Library has endeavored to make library perusing one step easier by filing The Bible and other religious materials where they belong: section “BS.”

Helen, a librarian at The UofC was kind enough to let us in on the logic behind the new filing system. “We were trying to decide how to make our library easier to navigate for readers. We realized that libraries have had fiction, non-fiction, and reference sections for years, but there was an issue when filing the religious texts. Seeing as they are the fictional works masquerading as fact, it was most appropriate to give them a section all their own, and name it most appropriately.”

We interrupted The University of Calgary Students’ Religion Society during their afternoon prayer, but they declined comment on the issue saying that they’d never heard of this so-called “Library” on campus, and dismissed the notion of a “building full of books for higher learning” as being “not in God’s image, and most likely hell-bound.”


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