Strogbow Float (WTF!?)

October 1, 2009

Nick, Andrew and I enjoyed an evening of Spolumbos sausages, Strongbow, and philosophical conversation on Monday and happened to discover an interesting new taste in the process! In the middle of a conversation about the fractal nature of phase change (or something, to be honest I zoned out for a while at this point) we began to discuss whether to start another drink or eat dessert. It became obvious – well, obvious in a “third-going-on-fourth-drink” kind of way at least – that we should combine the strongbow and the ice cream as they would become one in our stomachs anyways. Surprisingly, the result was delicious, and I’m having another right now!

You Will Need: 1 Strongbow. Some Bryers Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.

Step 1: Assemble ingredients.

Step 2: Scoop ice cream into glass and slowly add the StrongBow.

Step 3: Enjoy! You’ll be amazed!


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May 13, 2009

While browsing various local charities to see if any accept furniture (I have numerous couches to get rid of ASAP) I decided to check The Calgary Woman’s Emergency Shelter website as I know they set up temporary apartments for mothers and their children who have experienced abuse.

I was a little surprised when I came across this:

Now, I understand that charities need to raise money in as many ways as possible, and I give credit to Big Rock for donating some of the proceeds from “The Eddies” to a good cause, but it seems irresponsible for a charity based around the prevention of spousal abuse to accept money from an event that blatantly encourages participants to abuse alcohol; one of the leading causes of family degradation and violence towards women in our society.

Well, I don’t know where I’m going with this really… but I was a little taken aback, and curious if anyone else feels that this is somehow unacceptable outside of some sort of bizarre “moral Robin hood” mentality, so to speak.