Apple releases Dvorak-Specific OS Fixes

May 13, 2009

While debating whether or not to update to the latest version of OS X (10.5.7) or wait to see if there are any headaches reported, I noticed on that the update includes fixes for Dvorak keyboard users specifically! (Article here: – Mac OS X 10.5.7 Fixes)

Although I’m not sure I’ll notice a difference after installing the update (it could be something insignificant) this is great news for DV users as it means that the layout is finally being considered a legitimate alternative by the folks at Apple! Hopefully such focus is the first step of many, and I’ll be able to get DV on my iPhone soon, and order my next mac with a built-in DV keyboard!




Dvorak vs. QWERTY

December 22, 2008

So, as many of you know I have been using the Dvorak keyboard layout for quite some time now. Although tying is far more comfortable, I have always been somewhat skeptical of the claims made about its efficiency. Therefore, I have wanted a non-biased way to see what the comparison looks like at face value. Much to my delight I found a dandy little JavaScript application that serves this very purpose!

After entering my entire Glenn Gould assignment into the applet (23 pages worth of typing) the results are clear as day. Dvorak saved a considerable amount of typing effort and, just like they claim, (almost) 70 percent of keystrokes were made on home row, as opposed to QWERTY’s mere 30 percent; and “finger walking” was reduced by almost 40 percent. Check out the stats and be amazed! (click the image to enlarge):

Now, try it out for yourself. Enter some text on your archaic QWERTY keyboard, and see how much effort you’d save if you used DV! (Remember, it only takes two weeks to switch, and you’ll be glad you did, especially if you do a lot of typing or play an instrument as Dvorak greatly reduces your risk of repetitive stress injury!)

Here is the link, it’s almost as fun as magic pen! (Well… ok, maybe that’s just me!) Dvorak/QWERTY Comparison App.


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