WikiLeaks Announces Leak of “The Facebook Logs”

December 13, 2010

“The internet is truth’s conduit… the individual is not exempt from the truth.”
Julian Assange (on the release of The Facebook Logs)

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, announced yesterday amidst the aftermath of his recent release of the US Embassy Diplomatic Cables, that his organization has more to come. Far more. In fact, WikiLeaks will soon be releasing the largest, most comprehensive collection of private information yet: The Facebook Logs.

During a short press conference at an undisclosed location, Assange proudly announced that an anonymous whistle-blower submitted the entire contents of Facebook’s servers to WikiLeaks after a difficult breakup with his long-term girlfriend. He accompanied his leak with the following explanation of his motive. “After consuming two bottles of wine in an attempt to drown my sorrows, I hacked her profile and discovered not only that she had been cheating on me for almost a year, but that she re-gifted a CD that I gave her last Christmas. Enraged, I began to wonder if it was acceptable for a person to have personal secrets, thoughts, ideas, and relationships,” he stated.

One thing led to another, and soon after consuming a hastily rolled “coner” for inspiration, the hacker deployed a hacking bot and reached a state of “moral euphoria.” The bot worked remarkably well, and managed to hack every single user’s profile page and then use Facebook’s new “Download Your Information” feature to upload each user’s information directly to WikiLeaks’ servers. WikiLeaks was grateful for the submission, and has since been overwhelmed by the task of preparing almost 7 billion risque private messages, drunken profile pictures, and incriminating status updates for public release.

We had the chance to briefly question Assange as he tried to escape a posse of young women trying to have unprotected sex with him in an attempt to accuse him of rape under Swedish law. “This is an unprecidented collection of documents,” he said. “The internet is truth’s conduit, and, contrary to popular belief, the individual is not exempt from the truth.” When asked about whether or not individuals’ private relations should be receiving the same scrutiny as government communications, Assange replied, “Truth is truth, and that’s the truth. They say the truth hurts, but I say that if we weren’t all such selfish, lying, conniving assholes, the truth would be rather balmy.”

The users of The Facebook community, which has more than 500 million members worldwide, are understandably enraged by this violation of privacy, and as many as 70% of Facebook users have changed their status to protest and reflect their disgust over this issue.


Bored with your Chia Pet?…

January 21, 2010

…Try a Chia Politician instead! What a hilarious invention… I’ll take two!

As funny as this is, I sure hope that they release a “Conservative-Minded Canadian Politician” series featuring Stephen Harper, Ralh Klein, and, just for laughs, Rob Anders and Preston Manning!


So, where does religion fit?

September 28, 2009

In an interesting article on The History of Spanking in Canada at, it states that “all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse” became illegal in Canada in 1991.

Is it just me, or does religion fall into the category of mental abuse? After all, there many, many things morally wrong with telling your child that there is an all-powerful being up in the sky who hears all of your thoughts and will send you to burn in hell should you do wrong.

To the doubtful, it appears that mental abuse is not the only concern that religion may raise, in fact, almost all of the issues raised in the article pertain to violent acts committed at religious institutions. But how were these kids NOT being mentally abused before the physical abuse set in!?:

A pastor from the Church of God in Aylmer, Ont., defends members of his church who reportedly beat their children. Four boys and three girls were removed from the family home by Ontario’s Family and Children’s Services, which says the youngsters must be protected from being regularly hit with belts, sticks, chains or other objects.”


“The Children’s Aid Society in Windsor, Ont., seizes five children from a fundamentalist Christian school. The teenaged daughter of the school’s supervisor said students were being beaten with a rod.”


In a second spanking case related to the Aylmer, Ont., Church of God, a family comes under investigation for its disciplinary practices. The family is called to the offices of the local Children’s Aid Society for questioning. In a previous interview with CBC TV, the mother said that a strap is used only as a last resort, and that her children know the discipline is given with love.”


“Five children taken into custody by the Children’s Aid Society of Windsor are returned to their parents. The children had been beaten at their fundamentalist Christian school. The CAS says it will stay involved with the children and the school and may offer counselling on alternative forms of discipline.”


“Lucille Poulin, a 78-year-old religious commune leader in Prince Edward Island who disciplined children by beating them with a wooden paddle, is found guilty of five counts of assault. Judge David Jenkins says the use of “the rod” went beyond spanking, to beating the children. He says he believed the testimony of five children, who said the beatings left them with bruises and led them to pass out. Poulin says she was just doing what God told her to do.


“Lucille Poulin is sentenced to eight months in jail and three years’ probation for assaulting five children who lived at a religious commune in Hazel Grove, P.E.I. During the trial, Poulin said sections of the Bible suggest using beatings to discipline children and to dissuade them from evil.”

Christopher Hitchens said it best:

Here is my challenge… name one ethical statement made, or one ethical action performed, by a believer that could not have been uttered or done by a nonbeliever. And here is my second challenge. Can any reader of this column think of a wicked statement made, or an evil action performed, precisely because of religious faith? The second question is easy to answer, is it not? The first — I have been asking it for some time — awaits a convincing reply. By what right, then, do the faithful assume this irritating mantle of righteousness? They have as much to apologize for as to explain.


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New Poll

December 29, 2008

Although I hate public polls and realize that they have virtually no validity at all, I have decided to add one to this blog for my own enjoyment and curiosity. The current question is “Which party did you vote for in the Canadian Federal Election.” The poll will always be available on the right side of the main page, and I’ll be sure to update it with a new question periodically.

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Nail the Problem at its Source

December 17, 2008

Letter to the editor:

Nail the Problem at its Source

Re: “Police bust $3.2M grow op,” Dec. 16.

It’s incredible that these grow ops keep popping up and then are shut down. What a waste of time and police service tie-ups. This is probably just the tip of the problem. Does no one ever consider where the supplies to do this are coming from –the high-powered lamps, the pumps, the piping, the grow trays, the wiring, fertilizers and shelving? It seems to me if the police tracked the sellers of these supplies at all outlets, including border shipments of large volumes of grow op equipment, they should be able to track some of them coming into Calgary, and who is buying them, much as they do with pawnshops. It would seem rather incongruous that if some person comes in and orders $10,000 worth of grow equipment, enough to fill a trailer in the middle of a Calgary winter, he is not trying to grow radishes or lettuce. Some of these buyers could be quite young and this alone should raise some red flags. Grow ops cannot operate without large volumes of supplies. Somehow, this equipment is coming into these cities. Does only The Shadow know?

George Kuss,

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

George, I agree that the problem of grow operations in our city needs to be dealt with. However, in order to “nail the problem at its source” we need to change the laws surrounding the plant, not make lights, wiring, shelving, and piping illegal as well.

You say that nobody grows “radishes or lettuce” in their home, but consider why not. It’s because the cost of such an operation would far outweigh the value of the crop every single time. As such, do you really think it would be economically feasible to produce marijuana in an apartment building if it were regulated? (I dislike the word “legalized,” as it is misleading). Of course not, it would be farmed like any other plant to maximize production efficiency, crop yield, and profit. If lettuce were illegal (which sounds absurd, but remember that both items in question are benign plants) many people would still want salad. And because some would be willing to pay a premium for this delicacy there would be demand regardless of its legal status. In short, you’d likely find lettuce growing illegally next door in a similar fashion.

It’s time to stop wasting police officer’s time and hard-earned tax dollars fighting a futile war on a plant.


Farewell, Stéphane Dion…

December 11, 2008

In an age where every race and both sexes can vote, gay marriage has been accepted as commonplace, and The United States of America just elected its first African-American president, we are perhaps closer to true democratic freedom than ever before. How disturbing that an intelligent and deeply passionate man, soft-spoken with a heavy French-Canadian accent, can be made to look like a poor leader at best and an idiot at worst in front of thirty million people.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, male or female, black or white, but brains still has yet to overcome brawn in the public’s shallow eye.

Farewell, Stéphane Dion.


PS: This was published in The Calgary Herald on December 13, 2008. See Here:

The National Anthem Cover

November 17, 2008

The first couple minutes of this video is a fucking brilliant cover of Radiohead’s The National Anthem. I love how he kicks the cymbal!

PS: Ignore the political rambling at the end (I did).