Radiohead vs. Alberta for Haiti Relief

January 25, 2010

Radiohead, an alternative rock band from Oxford, England, hosted a benefit concert for Haiti this past weekend which raised a staggering $572,774 US in financial aid for the country, which was essentially destroyed by earthquakes earlier this month.

Tickets for the one-off concert concert were sold at an online auction with no bidding cap in order to raise “as much money as possible for the cause” and the band, although busy recording their eighth studio album at the time, figured playing the show was “the least they could do” to help.

The star-studded Los Angeles audience was extremely generous and, after hearing the financial results mid-concert, lead singer Thom Yorke is quoted as saying, “Fuck me! $572,774?… what did you do to get a ticket? Borrow money from your dad?”

In spite of being “in studio mode,” which resulted in an admittedly rusty stage presence and an open invitation to “feel free to sing along… as chances are we’ll forget the words,” the concert was well received and the band played hit tracks including Paranoid Android and Morning Bell, which may well be the best song of all time.

In what has been called a “bizarre turn of events” by some, the concert has caused a stir in some regions, where citizens have noted that the five piece band has managed to outdo the efforts of their entire populace.

Most notably, the province of Alberta, Canada, which is one of the most oil-rich regions on the planet and the only debt-free province in Canada, managed to scrounge up just $500, 000 Canadian for the cause. While any donation is surely welcome at a time such as this, some have called Alberta’s efforts “a slap in the face.”

When reporters approached Premiere Ed Stelmach about the pertinent issue at the 31st annual “Half Way to Stampede Breakfast” in downtown Calgary, he said, with a mouthful of plump sausages, “I’ve not heard of The Radioheads (sic), but they sure sound like they’re nice folk. Yee haw!” When asked to give the question at least a moment’s thought and reply with some sort of insight before blurting out a stereotypically shallow response and scrunching up his face like a cactus while speaking, Stelmach declined further comment and headed back to the grill for a second helping of “the best damn pancakes (he’d) ever had.”

In the meantime, the federal government has offered to match any donation made by Canadian citizens, and Albertans are urged to “show Radiohead who’s boss” and donate time or money to the relief agency of their choice.


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Good call!

October 18, 2009, an online music website that’s famous for giving great albums mediocre reviews, was recently mocked by The Onion News Network in an article – fictitious of course – stating that they had given “Music, a mode of creative expression consisting of sound and silence expressed through time…” a rating of just 6.8 out of 10. (See the hilarious article in its entirety here:

As funny as the article is, it must also be noted that Pitchfork is not always wrong as they recently named Radiohead’s Kid A as “the best album of the 2000s,” a damn good call indeed! Now I understand, or can at least justify with some sort of external certainty, why I’ve been listening to Morning Bell on repeat since February. (See here for the article:

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I always forget how good this album is…

May 1, 2009

I always forget how great this album is until it comes on shuffle on my iTunes and I become totally transfixed…

It’s weird because the first few times I heard it I thought it was un-listenable noise, but in reality it’s probably the best album since Radiohead’s Kid A (which coming from me is saying a lot. Hah…)

It’s a shame that such a great studio band is so terrible live… I saw them in Vancouver… but with a great disc like this who cares.

Liars – Drum’s Not Dead

Radiohead with a drumline?!

February 9, 2009

I have had the opportunity to play snare drum for Keith Urban and Shania Twain, but I would have killed to be involved with tonight’s Grammy Awards performance, where a drumline accompanied Radiohead (live on internationally broadcast television, to boot!) Those lucky bastards…



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November 19, 2008

I was heading home after an especially long day and encountered a highly familiar situation that took on a distinctly different twist. Now, before I elaborate I should describe the situation. Those who are familiar with Dalhousie station will know that there is usually a Banjo player present during rush hour, but more recently there has been a guitarist, who appears to be no older than 20. I won’t lie, I have never particularly enjoyed the music of the banjo player, but over the past couple of weeks I have come to enjoy the music the guitarist. His songwriting skills seem quite solid, he plays well and has an excellent voice that goes great with the music. Regardless of what my thoughts are about each musician, the point is that I’ve never stopped to give either of them money. For four years I used the station and it simply hadn’t crossed my mind. But this is where it gets interesting.

I am riding the escalator behind a bunch of morons who don’t understand the walk left stand right rule (as per usual in this city) and can hear the familiar sounds of the guitarist from the bottom of the escalator. About half way up, as I was nearing the end of my patience for slow-moving people, I realized that he was playing a Radiohead cover; Karma Police, to be exact. My mood began to elevate! How awesome that a busker would be playing a cover of a song by my favorite band. A band that I had waited for years and worked so hard to see live, and then finally had the opportunity to follow around for three weeks this past summer. Nearing the top of the escalator, my nostalgia reached its peak. I realized that the time that I spent by myself wandering Montreal, without any money in New York, lost in the subway and subsequently dining and dashing near central park were great experiences that I was truly grateful to have had. At this point I was walking off the escalator and I realized that I had to give the guy some money. I desperately searched my coat for some coins but I had none, so I grabbed my wallet and tossed a five dollar bill into the guy’s case.

Before I turned around I was overcome with terrifying realizations… would I ever have given this musician any money had he not been playing a song that I knew? And, more importantly, what are the implications of this realization for music everywhere?

The National Anthem Cover

November 17, 2008

The first couple minutes of this video is a fucking brilliant cover of Radiohead’s The National Anthem. I love how he kicks the cymbal!

PS: Ignore the political rambling at the end (I did).



I Will / Faust Arp

September 2, 2008