Ed Stelmach, The Freedom to be a Yokel, the spirit to sound like one.

April 26, 2009

In a video describing the $25 million re-branding of our province, which the government hopes will attract global interest (and investment $$$) to our province, Ed Stelmach proves yet again that he is clearly a redneck, with no understanding of how to run a province with two increasingly global cities of more than a million people.

Epic Fail, Eddie and friends. Might as well have spent the $25 million dollars on sausages, pancake mix and “orange juice” for a province-wide Stampede breakfast.


YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ht1lDnq3U8

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Nail the Problem at its Source

December 17, 2008

Letter to the editor:

Nail the Problem at its Source

Re: “Police bust $3.2M grow op,” Dec. 16.

It’s incredible that these grow ops keep popping up and then are shut down. What a waste of time and police service tie-ups. This is probably just the tip of the problem. Does no one ever consider where the supplies to do this are coming from –the high-powered lamps, the pumps, the piping, the grow trays, the wiring, fertilizers and shelving? It seems to me if the police tracked the sellers of these supplies at all outlets, including border shipments of large volumes of grow op equipment, they should be able to track some of them coming into Calgary, and who is buying them, much as they do with pawnshops. It would seem rather incongruous that if some person comes in and orders $10,000 worth of grow equipment, enough to fill a trailer in the middle of a Calgary winter, he is not trying to grow radishes or lettuce. Some of these buyers could be quite young and this alone should raise some red flags. Grow ops cannot operate without large volumes of supplies. Somehow, this equipment is coming into these cities. Does only The Shadow know?

George Kuss,

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George, I agree that the problem of grow operations in our city needs to be dealt with. However, in order to “nail the problem at its source” we need to change the laws surrounding the plant, not make lights, wiring, shelving, and piping illegal as well.

You say that nobody grows “radishes or lettuce” in their home, but consider why not. It’s because the cost of such an operation would far outweigh the value of the crop every single time. As such, do you really think it would be economically feasible to produce marijuana in an apartment building if it were regulated? (I dislike the word “legalized,” as it is misleading). Of course not, it would be farmed like any other plant to maximize production efficiency, crop yield, and profit. If lettuce were illegal (which sounds absurd, but remember that both items in question are benign plants) many people would still want salad. And because some would be willing to pay a premium for this delicacy there would be demand regardless of its legal status. In short, you’d likely find lettuce growing illegally next door in a similar fashion.

It’s time to stop wasting police officer’s time and hard-earned tax dollars fighting a futile war on a plant.


Fucking Calgary

September 19, 2008

Enjoy reading the Herald this morning.

I picked up an “early edition” copy around 1:30am downtown and had the pleasure of reading THE MOST ignorant Inbox submissions I have EVER read or even imagined. The whole redneck Calgarian mentality isn’t funny anymore. Fucking ignorant assholes deserve the crime they are seeing to help them wake the fuck up.

I am seriously disturbed by what I read and I can’t wait to escape this hellhole in only 7 months.

Wow. More on this over the weekend. My need to vent has reached an all-time high.