January 8, 2009

I noticed that the sings at Dalhousie station were changed recently to accommodate the (eventual) opening of Crowfoot LRT station. However, the old “inbound” and brand new “outbound” sings both have arrows that point inbound! Come on Calgary Transit, get it together if you expect people to pay more for your services this year!


PS: Sorry about the quality of that picture, the iPhone doesn’t take great photos at the best of times, let alone at night in a snowstorm. 🙂

PPS: This was published in the Friday, January 9, 2009 edition of The Calgary Herald. See here.

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Nail the Problem at its Source

December 17, 2008

Letter to the editor:

Nail the Problem at its Source

Re: “Police bust $3.2M grow op,” Dec. 16.

It’s incredible that these grow ops keep popping up and then are shut down. What a waste of time and police service tie-ups. This is probably just the tip of the problem. Does no one ever consider where the supplies to do this are coming from –the high-powered lamps, the pumps, the piping, the grow trays, the wiring, fertilizers and shelving? It seems to me if the police tracked the sellers of these supplies at all outlets, including border shipments of large volumes of grow op equipment, they should be able to track some of them coming into Calgary, and who is buying them, much as they do with pawnshops. It would seem rather incongruous that if some person comes in and orders $10,000 worth of grow equipment, enough to fill a trailer in the middle of a Calgary winter, he is not trying to grow radishes or lettuce. Some of these buyers could be quite young and this alone should raise some red flags. Grow ops cannot operate without large volumes of supplies. Somehow, this equipment is coming into these cities. Does only The Shadow know?

George Kuss,

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George, I agree that the problem of grow operations in our city needs to be dealt with. However, in order to “nail the problem at its source” we need to change the laws surrounding the plant, not make lights, wiring, shelving, and piping illegal as well.

You say that nobody grows “radishes or lettuce” in their home, but consider why not. It’s because the cost of such an operation would far outweigh the value of the crop every single time. As such, do you really think it would be economically feasible to produce marijuana in an apartment building if it were regulated? (I dislike the word “legalized,” as it is misleading). Of course not, it would be farmed like any other plant to maximize production efficiency, crop yield, and profit. If lettuce were illegal (which sounds absurd, but remember that both items in question are benign plants) many people would still want salad. And because some would be willing to pay a premium for this delicacy there would be demand regardless of its legal status. In short, you’d likely find lettuce growing illegally next door in a similar fashion.

It’s time to stop wasting police officer’s time and hard-earned tax dollars fighting a futile war on a plant.


Farewell, StĂ©phane Dion…

December 11, 2008

In an age where every race and both sexes can vote, gay marriage has been accepted as commonplace, and The United States of America just elected its first African-American president, we are perhaps closer to true democratic freedom than ever before. How disturbing that an intelligent and deeply passionate man, soft-spoken with a heavy French-Canadian accent, can be made to look like a poor leader at best and an idiot at worst in front of thirty million people.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, male or female, black or white, but brains still has yet to overcome brawn in the public’s shallow eye.

Farewell, Stéphane Dion.


PS: This was published in The Calgary Herald on December 13, 2008. See Here:

Letter to the Editor

November 17, 2008

The following letter to the editor was published in the Calgary Herald this Saturday. Thoughts on the issue? My opinion seems to be that of the minority (but it is also the right opinion… lol).

Wean them off parking
Calgary Herald
Published: Saturday, November 15, 2008

What a fantastic idea to charge for parking at the LRT! The lots were a brilliant idea in the 1980s to get car-oriented Calgarians comfortable with the idea of using public transit. They have been so successful that less than 10 per cent of transit customers use the lots. However, these lots were designed to be transitional, and are now ripe for redevelopment more than 20 years after their conception.

Parking lots are simply a poor use of urban space, and I (and perhaps the other 90 per cent of users) am sick of traversing through endless fields of unsafe, dull parking spaces to get to my destination, especially in the winter. It is time to phase out the parking lots and redevelop them into something great. Charging for parking is a fantastic first step in the right direction.

Sean Perrin, Calgary

Vote Dammit

October 14, 2008

I read some hilarious things in the paper this morning with regard to the election. First off, everyone has seen the X92.9 advertisements all over Calgary declaring “Vote Dammit,” but the question (apparently!) is whether or not people understand that a third party has solicited these ads, not the government. Let me say that I can’t even believe this needs to be discussed…

Keep it clean

Calgary Herald

Published: Monday, October 13, 2008

I’m not sure when billboards with cursing on them became acceptable and I’m disgusted and surprised that the Canadian government thinks it is. I have seen several of the “Just Vote Dammit” ads set up in and around the C-Train stations, visible not only to people who think it’s hip and cool to use foul language, but also to families, children and other people who would rather not be exposed to such tastelessness.

I know that ads must relate to their target group, which I’m assuming in this case is post-secondary students, but if all the ads relate to is our perceived collective immaturity, then I’m not sure why the government would expect us to make mature choices concerning whom we vote for. Respectable citizens will vote, and the government should encourage that in respectable ways.

Carla Heinrichs,

Wow, it doesn’t take very many neurons firing to come to the realization that the mark in the middle of these ads is the X92.9 radio station’s logo. The whole campaign is actually brilliantly creative advertising. As for the profanity, we are subject to far more offensive advertising techniques every single day than a word that, in this day an age, barely classifies as a curse. How could someone resent one word, and yet succumb the daily barrage of blatant sex appeal and subliminal advertising? (The latter of which, by the sounds of it, is most advertising for people like Carla.) How about this for a billboard, Carla: “Try to be more discerning while you are awake for Christ’s sake. Use your fucking head.” People like this are perhaps the most pertinent argument against mandatory voting, and even the fundamentals of democracy. Anyways, I have proven my point…

Also today there was a voting question and answer section. I found that the following was also hilarious (in fact, I laughed out loud)…

Calgary Herald

Published: Sunday, October 12, 2008

Q: Are voters allowed to eat their ballot?

A: No. Eating a ballot, keeping it or destroying it is a serious breach of the Canada Elections Act.

Haha… such brilliant comic relief. It turns out, however, that this is a serious problem, and that there actually is some sort of “ballot eating” protest that’s purpose is to show one’s disgust for the electoral process. Since such is the case, this question is actually answered FIRST on the Elections Canada FAQ. Learn more here…

In closing, rather than eating your ballot, why not vote ABC (Anything But Conservative)? It’s the newest way to say “fuck you” to the Conservative party in Calgary. Sure, they might win every riding, but at least you can get out there and try to shake things up a little bit, and feel better about it in the end.



Shit Stinks, Wake Up…

September 21, 2008

Every day in The Calgary Herald you can count on at least one incredibly stupid article being published in the Letters to the Editor section. But lately it has been far worse than usual. This makes me wonder if the regular publisher is on vacation and these letters are only being published as a joke, or whether people really are so fucking stupid to compose such literary tripe.

Check this out:

Reader has a moo-ving experience on Deerfoot

Calgary Herald

Published: Sunday, September 21, 2008

The other day, I was delayed for an extended time on the Deerfoot Linear Parking Lot and forced to endure terrible pollution.

Beside me were two cattle trucks. The smell emanating from them was intolerable, as we crawled together along the freeway.

I then became more observant of these mobile pollution machines. Take a look at many of the Deerfoot on-ramps.

They are stained brown from all sorts of material sloshing out of the numerous vents.

If the stench is bad for me, what about the poor animals inside?

Are there no regulations for their health?

I am sure it would be easier to pass health regulations for the animals than to enact ones for the average citizen who has been passed by a cattle-liner. I would like to encourage operators to ensure that their units are fully cleaned and deodorized prior to embarking on a journey through our city.

Robert Siddall, Calgary

First of all, let me say start by that this person thinks they are incredibly witty by referring to Deerfoot Trail as “The Deerfoot Linear Parking Lot.” This comment and the fact that this person was somehow capable of using several four-syllable words even deserves some modest praise. But we can all be witty from time to time, and like a fetal pig, I think this letter could use to be dissected.

Now, think about the way that animals are transported in our society. EVERYBODY has seen those massive semis carrying hundreds of pigs or cows down the highway. You know the ones, you pass them as fast as you can because pigs are relentlessly shitting out the sides at you? How could someone not notice these vehicles and fail to understand their role in society? Furthermore, why would any intelligent person become stuck next to a vehicle like this in rush hour traffic? Does the truck need a sign on the back warning people to keep their distance? Some things are implied and need not be posted on signs.

Observe this sentence in particular:

They are stained brown from all sorts of material sloshing out of the numerous vents.

No, Robert, the only material flying out of the vents is shit. And yes, as you noticed in this next sentence, shit does stink!

If the stench is bad for me, what about the poor animals inside?

Are there no regulations for their health?

There are regulations, but these “poor” animals are about to have more than the smell of shit on their minds seeing as they are on their way to be slaughtered. As long as their basic needs have been met before they get on the truck to the slaughterhouse it doesn’t much matter anymore, does it?

And if you don’t like the way that the animals we raise to consume are treated in our society perhaps you should stop eating meat. There are millions of vegetarians worldwide who don’t eat meat for this very reason, but it should be noted that they didn’t need to be quite literally shit on for an hour to come to this obvious conclusion. It’s pretty fucking obvious.

Now, I just woke up so I’m already tired of writing… but that won’t stop me from going to make some coffee, bacon and eggs.


Fucking Calgary

September 19, 2008

Enjoy reading the Herald this morning.

I picked up an “early edition” copy around 1:30am downtown and had the pleasure of reading THE MOST ignorant Inbox submissions I have EVER read or even imagined. The whole redneck Calgarian mentality isn’t funny anymore. Fucking ignorant assholes deserve the crime they are seeing to help them wake the fuck up.

I am seriously disturbed by what I read and I can’t wait to escape this hellhole in only 7 months.

Wow. More on this over the weekend. My need to vent has reached an all-time high.